Exploit the kinetic energy of the oceans and rivers is not a new idea.

Thousands of patents are recorded at the point where it is almost impossible to identify all. Several tenths of technologies are currently under development in the world at various steps.

This energy is now exploitable, however operators and users do not know how to find it out.

In this context only few true professionals who have made a full-time activity of these energies since a long time can provide relevant answers to the questions you may ask:

As precursors, working for 12 years in this activity, with experience in both field and technical, we can answer your questions, provide training, make measurements and the necessary feasibility studies to support your decisions and strategy. Please contact us.

Examples of power curve measurements: P, U, I = f (Vc, N), allowing to characterize the electrical production of a current turbine and more particularly to calculate its yield (Cp):

Examples of spot current measures with a propeller current meter:

Working on rivers:

Examples of currents, depth, sea surface state measurements with ADCP's (Acoustic Dopler Current Profiler), which record data at the surface on a spot, a "transect" or set on the sea bottom for a longer time following their programming:

ADCP programming
ADCP working in transect
At work in a pass, view from a drone
Profile of the pass
ADCP in a 2,3 m/s current (5 knots)
ADCP set on a float at the surface
Setting ADCP's
ADCP set on the bottom
Setting an ADCP on the bottom with divers
Setting ADCP's on the bottom with divers
Profile of current velocity measurements recorded by ADCP: Vc = f (depth, time).
We clearly distinguish the low and high tide stalls and current peaks in between :

Example of an ADCP transect of a river, which clearly shows that the currents are stronger at the surface and lower at the bottom, and therefore where to locate the current turbine for an optimum exploitation:


We provide all trainings on current turbines and hydrokinetic energy, taylored made to your needs, with both practical and theoretical modules:

For an adapted training program, please consult us.

Question ?

From what current speed threshold can a tidal or river turbine be exploited ?

Except in special cases, it is generally accepted that the turbines can be economically viable on the spots with currents above 2 m/s (4 knots) at sea and 1 m/s (2 knots) in rivers. However, only a case-by-case basis study can determine the sustainability and return on investment of setting turbines, depending on local conditions, local cost of fossil fuels, the local cost of kwh, feed-in tariffs for electricity, the supply cost of remote sites, tax credit, etc.

Good to know :on remote islands the fosssil fuel kwh cost, produced by a genset, can broadly exceed 1,5 USD!