20 kW turbine for current converters

2 blades
3 blades

Overall dimensions, in mm:

Weight (with the 3 m propeller)
307 kg

Side view
Top view


Nota :

The turbine can easily be upgraded by mounting 4 m diameter blades instead of the 3 m ones. This operations can be completed in few minutes by keeping the same propeller hub. It is particularly usefull to optimize the output during the current velocity evolutions.


The turbine has water inlet and temperature warnings. All the parameters are possibly remotelly checked (V, I, P, Fq, N, Vc).


The turbine can be installed on various supports :

Below a floatting dedicated barge includng an integrated device to get it out of the water and up on the deck ("Hydro-Gen" type) On a frame or a pile set on the bottom of the sea or river. On a quay, une bridge pile, below a barge or a pontoon, etc


Good to know:

The turbine is sent, packed with instructions for assembly, operations and maintenance.

Spare parts, service for mounting, installing, training, repair and maintenance are on option.

Packaging: The turbine is delivered in a wood box for international transportation. Box dimensions, in cm: 178 x 113 x 97.

Total weight (including spare parts): 530 kg.