Floating turbine of 20 kW (L x W x H = 7,50 x 2,33 x 2,10 meters, Weight = 1750 kg):

Turbine on the deck

Floating turbine of 70 kW (L x W x H = 10 x 3,20 x 3 meters, Weight = 3500 kg):

Front view
Rear view

2 or 3 blades propeller in composite from 3 to 5 meters of diameter:

The Hydro-Gen current turbines perfectly fit the power needs for remote communities and isolated areas, particularly along rivers or estuaries.

Good to know: Modularity

By easily getting the turbine out of the water and on the deck, you can quickly change the blades of the propeller.

It allows you to possibly put a 3, 4 or 5 meters diameter propeller on the same hub, and to optimize the output due to the depth or current variations. Or to adjust the pitch of the propeller with the current speed.

This change needs no more than 15 minutes.